THE ARTIST HANS HOGENDOORN 26-02-1946. ( in French: Henri D'Haute- Epine) The artist Hans Hogendoorn studied art at the '€œAcademy of Art'€ in the city of Utrecht , the Netherlands , the Artschool in Denpassar ( Bali, Republic of Indonesië ) and took some classes at the Artschool in Philadelphia (USA). Later he was a student at the Artschool in Paris. Hans Hogendoorn has traveled extensively , both living and working in places such as: Switzerland ( Chur), Austria (Dellach) ,Canada, France ( Paris, Dinar,La Rochelle ), Spain ( Malaga), The U.S.A. ( New York , San José, Key West, Marathon,Stuart and Philadelphia) Indonesië , Surabaya( Bali, Ubud ), Singapore, South Africa,Kenia , Jordan and Israël ( Jerusalem, Kefar Saba and Sefad) He started his artistic career at the illustration/graphic Design studio of Cor van Velsen; working on the graphics for the books of well known Dutch writers.He followed this with a stint at the N.T.S.( Dutch television) ; collaborating on a number of popular Dutch tv productions.He also worked a short  period as a Make -up artist for Max Factor .After this Hans moved to Switzerland.where he found gainful employment as a tour guide. Returning to the Netherlands he worked as a freelance cartoonist for the studio of Marten Toonder , the Dutch Walt Disney . There he worked on the French / Belgian / Dutch production '€œAsterix and Cleopatra'€. In addition to which he freelanced as an illustrater on the series '€œBericht van de tweede Wereld Oorlog '€œ ( Message of World War 2). Eventually Hans wound up as a designer for CBS record company (NL), developing advertisements and record covers for such universal stars as Isaac Stern, Barbra Streisant, Janis Ian ,David Essex, Collin Blunstone and many others. In 1975 he became the vice €“president of an international graphic agency in Amsterdam, but tired of the corporate world within a year. In 1976 he became the Manager of '€œHotel Lampl'€in Dellach am Wörthersee ( Austria) from where he was transferred to the south of Spain; managing two hotels. After eight months he moved to the island of Bali in Indonesië settling in artist town of Ubud. Here he started painting and came in contact with a friend and contemporary of Salvador Dali, Antonio Maria Blanco. In 1979 Hans moved to Singapore and worked freelance as a Soundrecordist for the Australian movie company '€œFilmWest'€ (Perth). During this period Hans lived in the world famous Raflles Hotel . Returning to the Netherlands in 1980 he decided to devote himself entirely to the Fine Arts, and quickly gained a reputation as a print maker,later extending his activities to large scale painting. Hans frequently travels to the U.S. and to Israël. In the former of which he has managed to establish a trusted coterie of customers amongst the well heeled. This is particularly true of the East Coast areas such as New York, Philadelphia, West Palm Beach and Key West. He infrequently works with either art representatives or through galleries. A new phase of Hans'€™ artistic career was heralded in when Hans met the famous Israëli composer and conductor Aharon Harlap in 1990. During the Gulf War Hans started painting the 2.45 x 1.25 meter '€œl'€™Oiseau de la Guerre'€. This painting so deeply touched mr. Harlap that he promptly started composing a like-named symphony in its honor. The symphony '€œl'€™Oiseau de la Guerre'€ premiered in Haifa at the '€œHaifa Auditorium'€, with the Haifa Symfonie Orchestra conducted by the Maestro Stanley Sperber on the 24 of april 1994. A total of eight concerts were given, and Dutch radio recordings were made by the '€œRadio Symphonie Orkest'€. A CD-recording of '€œl'€™Oiseau de la Guerre'€ was released in Israël in 1997; Music in Israël, MII-CD-22, made in Israël by Helicon.

Hans Hogendoorn is a member of Kiwanis Int., a board member of the multi-cultural publishing house '€œConcept'€ Belgium ,the Netherlands and South Africa. Member of Federation Of Cartoonists Organisations ( FECO) and the " TULP"  He is a member of CNM (Center for Dutch Classic Music). Hogendoorn ,Bruce R,F. Smith and Paul Natte are also the composers of the Christmas song " Christmas Morning"  2010. The Dutch artists society GSA, and the New York A.A.  Hans prides himself on being a honorary overseas member of the '€œPrisoner of War Association P.O.W. England. He also was a freelance tourleader for N.E.T. Near East Tours / EL AL and Impala / Springbok, (South Africa).Hans Hogendoorn is since May 27- 2006 Freeman ( Honorary Cityzen) of the City Ichtegem , Belgium. Hans Hogendoorn .45-13 van Speijklaan 1215 SE ,Hilversum.The Netherlands.Phone/Fax : + 31-(0)35-6234831- Cellphone: +31-(0)6-51012886.E-mail:     Skype username:      saschahog1